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Flight Instructor Certification

Become a Certified Flight Instructor

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This is an in-depth course designed to help you get certified as a Certified Flight Instructor

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Struggling to get your career off the ground? Get in touch with Owens Flight Training, LLC today. We offer an accredited flight instructor course in Lafayette, LA. This is an important step toward acquiring your Airport Transport Pilot License (ATPL). Whether you're looking to gain flight hours or boost your resume, you can count on our certified flight instructor training program to help your career take flight.

Why choose Owens Flight Training?

When the time comes to begin certified flight instructor training in Lafayette, LA, choose Owens Flight Training. During our flight instructor course, you'll learn to teach others how to:

Fly during the day and at night

Fly in clouds and during storms

Fly passenger planes of all types

The sky is the limit when it comes to your career. Contact Owens Flight Training today to get started on your certified flight instructor training.

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