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Private Pilot Training

Realize Your Dream Of Flying

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Have you always dreamed of flying?

Many people dream of becoming a Pilot, but you can’t get licensed on your own.  Owens Flight Training is a flight school for Private and Commercial Pilots, so you can get licensed and realize your dream of flying.

How To Become a Private Pilot


3 Reasons to get a Private License

Getting a private pilot license has never been easier thanks to Owens Flight Training. Our flight instructors are ready to help you reach new heights. You might consider getting a private pilot license if:

You're looking for a new talent to add to your resume

You want to make a career out of flying

You want to have the freedom to fly anywhere in the country in your own private plane

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There are many reasons why you should take flight lessons in Lafayette, LA. If you need help finding yours, contact Owens Flight Training today.

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Want to become a Private Pilot?

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