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Instrument Rating Training

Take Control of Your Flying Skills

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Don't let weather keep you grounded

Don't let a cloudy day or darkness keep your plane parked on the runway. Reach out to Owens Flight Training, LLC today. We offer an exceptional instrument rating course at our Lafayette, LA flight school. Our instructors will teach you instrument flight rules (IFR) to make sure you're trained to operate a plane safely in all conditions.

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Do you really need to take an Instrument Rating Course?

If you're tired of the weather and time of day controlling your flight patterns, get in touch with Owens Flight Training. Our instrument rating training course in Lafayette, LA will:

Make sure you're up-to-date on your private pilot or commercial pilot certificate

Teach you the rules and procedures for specific instruments on various aircrafts

Train you to use meteorology tools

Teach you how to handle potentially dangerous situations

Want to learn more about the benefits of taking our instrument rating course? Contact Owens Flight Training today.

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